Friday, 25 February 2011

My, I certainly cannot believe we are nearing March already....having said that I am so excited for spring and some lovely sunny days, summery fashion and of the absolute pleasure of eating ice cream without it feeling just ever so wrong (although in my opinion, ice cream is always ever so right).

As of yesterday, I have been officially reunited with the internet via my new phone line in my beautiful new place (thank you Mr BT man). Therefore to celebrate I have done a little blog reading and a little online shopping to compensate for the last several weeks that I have been without :) and let me tell you it feels good, cannot wait for my parcels to arrive! I do however wish I could purchase this beaut in an adult version as it is the most interesting and amazing product i've seen in a long time - not to mention super fact I may even whip up a little DIY version in the meantime