Thursday, 12 May 2011

todd mclellan

Check out the work of mr todd mclellan, it is certainly mind blowing stuff!

Engineering made pretty in these dissected images. It reminds me a lot of Cornelia Parker's installations with such a fantastic sense of space and perspective, the use of photography capturing that same magical element of a freeze-frame - blink and you'll miss it - moment in time.

The decorative composition of all the components create such a beautifully balanced graphic image, the variety of shapes and sizes delicately playing off one another to form unexpected patterns and inviting the viewer deeper into the image. The mystical delicacy of the dissected parts really contrast to the object as a finished product, a typewriter is bulky and heavy, yet this image would suggest otherwise with its weightless-ness feel.

Harking back to the good old days (before computers ruled the world) this sturdy machine, which would have been originally engineered and built by hand, is an incredible accomplishment, this image in particular is certainly an appreciation of the engineering brilliance of the industrial era.

I certainly take for granted the inventions of modern day living that spring back from the U.K's history as an industrial powerhouse and according to articles I've read by Mr. Dyson, (inventor of the Dyson vacuum cleaner) our nation needs to once again be enchanted by the field of engineering if we are to compete with the rest of the world in the industrial export industry. This series of works by Todd Mclellan will have a fair few fans and I'd certainly like to think may just draw some attention to the wonders of engineering and along the way inspire a new generation of inventors. Vive la revolution!

One more thought....I wonder how long it took to take this thing apart?!who knew there were so many parts! On the same trail of thought, was it put back together?!?