Monday, 28 September 2009

I also have been experimenting with Photoshop and Illustrator developing some work and heres a wee example of my alchemy......

Sooo....with another up coming exhibition, I am looking at doing some more 3D illustrations with a difference!I'm really keen to explore this aspect of my work and my brain is brimming with ideas on this front so i have a few things to get cracking on. Ahh its all good.

Friday, 11 September 2009

a little bit of exciting

well, with well meaning wishes to keep up with the blogging (which unfortunately havent appeared to materialise) i promise to get better.Anyway, just thought I'd add a wee comment about my first exhibition since finishing the big U.N.I, a small selection on my illustrations will be on show at Nexus Art Cafe on Dale Street in MAnchester from this evening. This is exciting for me and I hope to move on from this with confidence and fond memories. I must also say, to quote the insightful beastie boys 'check-check it out'.